Personal TrainingPower Shack’s nationally-certified personal trainers will provide you with expert instruction, program design, motivation and education.  Working with a personal trainer will encourage you to achieve the most efficient and effective results so that you can meet your health and fitness goals.  A personal trainer will guide you in the proper use of Power Shack cardiovascular and strength equipment, will design a program and workout schedule that meets your needs, and will provide valuable support to help keep you motivated.

Determining your current level of fitness with a fitness assessment will help you set realistic goals and provide a measure by which you can realize the progress you make through your fitness program.  Power Shack’s Start Right program offers all new members the opportunity to have a FREE individualized session with a Personal Trainer. 

The trainer will help develop a workout program for the new member and familiarize the member with the usage of the equipment. Maximize your time in the gym and consider a session with a nationally-certified Power Shack Personal Trainer.  A personal trainer will work with you to review your current program and develop a new routine that will complement and include those activities that you currently enjoy.  Sessions can be purchased one at a time or you can receive a discount when you purchase a minimum of three sessions.  Please see the front desk to schedule an appointment.

Series Packages
One-hour personal training sessions that will feature individually designed workouts that include safe and balanced programs of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

Sessions per week Cost per Session
Single Session 60min/$47 30min/$28
Purchase 6-11 sessions 60min/$45 30min/$27
Purchase 12 or more sessions 60min/$43 30min/$26
Purchase 36 or more sessions 60min/$42 30min/$25

Monthly Electronic Funds Transfers are Available.

 Take advantage of this special offer to receive 3- 60 minute training sessions for $119 dollars with your paid membership.  Simply use the print icon at the top of the page to print this coupon out and redeem it at one of our 4 Central-Ohio facilities.


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